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We live without realizing it: our mind slowly but surely absorbs the pollution that surrounds it. And in turn it starts to produce them. A polluted mind produces a polluted social environment, a polluted natural environment and a polluted body: both from the mind, both from society and from the environment. The body is the true...

Often in our lives, depending on the moment that we live, we are using expressions such as: "I feel in a bind", "I feel oppression in the chest", "I can not breathe", "I feel unhappy" or "I do not know which way to turn." Whether it's a problem ...

One to one

What they are

In addition to the group activity there is the possibility of having individual meetings.

It always starts with a first free meeting, to know one each other, identify needs, understand together what path can be followed and what are the right tools.


Individual meetings are held by appointment and take place in Rome in person or online via Skype.

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